As Richard Branson & the Virgin Galactic crew inch closer to outer space flights, a start-up tech company is on the way to launching the galaxy’s first space hotel (that we know of).

Orion Span, the company promising to open the bay doors to Aurora Station by 2022, released interior images of the out-of-this-world accommodation this week, bringing those who long to sleep in the stars closer their dreams.

Aurora Station, for those who missed the news, is a space hotel that’ll costs around $9.5 million per visit. Yes, $9.5 million, but remember, you’re sleeping out in space (more specifically, sleeping just outside Earth’s orbit).


A visit to the space hotel lasts for 12 days and is limited to six people (four paying passengers and two crew members) at any one time.

During their stay, out of space holidaymakers will see an average of 16 sunrises and sunsets a day, while relaxing in sleeping pods, watching television (we’re not sure what channels they’ll pick up) and testing out zero gravity.


They’ll also have one-of-a-kind views of Earth.

Orion Span is confident it’ll have the hotel in space by 2022, however, first guests will be welcomed within five years.


Check out the clip below for more information.


Are you keen to spend a night at a space hotel or is staying right here on land just fine with you?