Japan is not known to be the cheapest destination in the world so when a hotel is offering a room for less than one dollar a night, you’d jump at the chance, right?

As all travel agents are aware, deals like this do not come without conditions!

The catch to this 100 yen a night room rate is that your entire stay is livestreamed on youtube and the channel currently has 2.2K subscribers!

Would you do it?


One dollar hotel

This ‘deal’ can be found at the Business Ryokan Asahi in Fukuoka, Japan, and is available year-round for room number 8, a room that is generally left empty and in need of some love and attention.

The 100 yen a night room is a traditional Japanese-style ryokan hotel room, with a tatami floor, and a foldable sleeping mat. There’s also a small coffee table, a TV, and a kettle. Oh, and an added tablet with a functioning camera pointing to the middle of the room.

The good (or slightly boring) news is that there’s no nudity or sexual activity allowed (noted on the website as ‘lewd acts). Bathrooms are shared, so guests can change in there, without thousands of people creepily watching.

The livestream is video only, so calls and conversations remain private. Turning off the lights is allowed, so at least you can sleep cuddling Mr. Bear without being too embarrassed! The hotel also warns guests of showing the camera any personal or sensitive information.

Most guests actually seem to quite like the attention, and even interact with viewers via whiteboard messages and comments on the livestream.

It doesn’t actually sound that bad, does it?

Click here to take a look at the hotel and speak to them directly to book the Big Brother-style room!

See you on youtube!