Did somebody win the last golden ticket all over again because this real-life Willy Wonka chocolate room is going to make lots of children incredibly happy (and hyperactive.)

Dubbed, the first kid’s speakeasy, the Secret Chocolate Room at the soon-to-be-opened Club Med Michès-Playa-Esmeralda in the Dominican Republic will allow children to EAT ALL THE DESSERT.

Cake, sweets, chocolate, ice cream… ALL THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE will be there.

Errrm, can the big kids (adults) get in on the action too?!


What makes the restaurant so deliciously sweet?

Karry On - Club Med

The new Cacao & Co. family restaurant is an interactive dining experience that asks kids to crack the entrance code by solving secret clues throughout dinner. They’ll then embark on a quest to find the location of this secret room and when the vault finally opens they’ll get to dig into unlimited dessert.

The first-of-its-kind kids ‘speakeasy’ is part of four new dining experiences, four open-bar lounges, three wine cellars and a locally-sourced coffee house that will be available at the resort. As standard with Club Med, all dining options are included as part of the infamous all-inclusive package as well as accommodation, premium open bar, expert childcare, huge range of sports, entertainment, and activities.


When does it open?

Karry On - Club Med

Holidaymakers can visit the Secret Chocolate Room at the Michès-Playa-Esmeralda resort, opening on 23 November 2019.