Australia’s peak accommodation body is one step closer to having the NSW government introduce regulations on short-term rental platforms that could even the playing field for traditional providers.

For years, Tourism Accommodation Australia (TAA) has expressed concern that the lack of regulations on platforms such as Airbnb was making it harder for outlets including hotels to compete because these peer-to-peer websites are not required to follow the same rules and regulations.

But today, the accommodation body announced that it has found a ‘common position’ with Stayz that, if signed off by the Government, could create a fairer environment among all accommodation providers.


The joint position called for the NSW Government to support healthy growth of the NSW visitor economy by introducing restrictions on short-term rentals in residential buildings in metropolitan areas and introducing measures to increase transparency and data-sharing across the entire accommodation sector in order to better inform government and industry planning.

The pair also called for limitations to the regulatory impact on regional areas, where short term rentals play an important role in supporting local economies and promoting growth of regional tourism; and establishing measures to ensure environmental, health, safety and amenity issues are appropriately managed.

“These measures would provide certainty for operators across the accommodation sector, and encourage investment, employment and sustainable growth in the visitor economy.”

 Carol Giuseppi, Tourism Accommodation Australia CEO

hotel room

Jordan Condo, Director of Corporate Affairs for Stayz, said: “We appreciate the New South Wales Government’s leadership on this important issue.”

“As two of the industry’s largest stakeholders, we look forward to working with the government to maintain the momentum of the current process and ensure any new regulation of short-term rentals addresses issues in metropolitan areas and does not have a detrimental impact on regional economies,” he added.

What are your thoughts on TAA and Stayz’s position?