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Travelodge launches pleasant whiff & wake service

Rise & Sizzle! Travelodge is launching an innovative anti-snooze service for its sleepy guests at airport hotels.

Rise & Sizzle! Travelodge is launching an innovative anti-snooze service for its sleepy guests at airport hotels.


The pleasant Whiff & Wake Service will see the sweet smell of frying bacon being wafted in the room to help get guests out of bed.

A first for an Australian hotel, the service is being launched due to an increasing number of airport hotel guests reporting sleeping through their snooze, thus near-missing their flights.

With the sizzling smell of bacon deemed a mouth-watering motivator to throw back the covers, Travelodge has partnered with global innovators, Sensorwake to be the first hotel in the country to offer their world-famous scented alarm clock.


For those preferring bacon over beeping, all guests have to do is programme the clock with the time they want to wake up and it will automatically release the smell of bacon, which gently wafts over the guests rousing them from sleep within two minutes with the delicious, sizzling smell.

“What’s better than bacon? Bacon in bed. With the new Travelodge Whiff ’n’ Wake service I was woken by the delicious smell of frying bacon, which was far preferable to a standard wake up call.”

Rhys Nicholson, Comedian & Travelodge Guest

“The added benefit was that I was immediately ready to go downstairs to enjoy the real thing.”

Reported as a mood booster, the service will see guests happy (and hungry) when they get out of bed.

“With these olfactory alarm clocks proving effective in preventing people from oversleeping, now guests at our airport hotels can stop the stress – they will have time for breakfast ahead of catching their flight,” said a Travelodge spokesperson.

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Ivan Skybyk, COO of Sensorwake, claims that the global public outcry for a bacon scent option was overwhelming, particularly from Australians, “It was really a make-or-break business decision in breaking into the Australian market.”

Travelodge are also in discussions with Sensorwake about offering Paleo Pear, Banana Bread and vegetarian alternatives.

The pleasant Whiff & Wake Service featuring bacon alarm clocks are expected to first available at the new Travelodge Sydney Airport, which is opening in June 2017. Terms and conditions will apply.

* Important notice: This is an April’s Fools joke and should not be taken seriously – unless of course you want to.

Would you like to be awoken by the smell of bacon?