Webjet has further increased its online footprint with the announcement of the acquisition of Destinations of the World (DOTW) for $240 million.

Destinations of the world (DOTW) is a Dubai based wholesaler with 800 employees including 400 based in Manila in the Philippines.

DOTW was founded in 1994 and has offices in the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Europe and The Americas.

The company is a pure-play B2B accommodation wholesale platform connecting hoteliers with OTA’s, corporate travel agents, retail travel agents, wholesale and tour operators.

“The acquisition of DOTW continues to consolidate WebBeds’ position as the clear #2 player in the global B2B market,”

Webjet Managing Director John Guscic



“In addition to providing 5,600 unique new contracts, the overlap in existing directly contracted hotels will deliver increased depth to our global inventory offering.” continued Webjet Managing Director John Guscic.

Webjet estimates that the acquisition of DOTW will further increase its hotel inventory by 24% and deepen its offering across 6,700 overlapping hotels increasing room night allotments and availability.

They also anticipate that revenue synergies of US$7 million (A$10 million) per annum will be achieved in full by 2020.

WebBeds will now have turnover, or TTV (Total Transaction Value), of $A2.09 billion.

Webjet posted a 54% lift in full-year revenue to $291 million in August 2018.

DOTW’s trade only website claims that the company has “Seamless connectivity to over 160,000 hotels in more than 10,000 destinations worldwide.”

The “Option to mark-up net rates and re-distribute to agents and create vouchers branded with agent’s logos.” Is also highlighted as a benefit on the DOTW website.


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