It’s hard to imagine a more bizarre hotel check-in experience than being greeted by a pair of giant robot dinosaurs wearing tiny bellboy hats. But such an experience is the norm at Henn na Hotels in Japan.

Japan’s Henn na (whose name means ‘weird’) chain, is staffed entirely by robots. We first wrote about the quirky chain three years ago when it launched.

Since then eight robot-staffed Henn na hotels have sprung up across Japan.


The efficiency of the robo-dinos check-in process certainly rivals the human version. A tablet system is used which allows customers to choose which language they want to use to communicate with the multilingual dinosaurs.

The large life-like dinosaurs then get to work, checking you in.

“Mechanic yet somehow human, those fun moments with the robots will warm your heart.”

Henn na Hotels


Forget getting a hotel key. It’s just a matter of registering your face with the hotel’s face recognition system, making lost key cards so last century.

Each room at these hotels is staffed with mini-robots which look like a Star Wars droid. Oh, and get this. Even the fish swimming in the lobby are robotic with electric lights on their battery-powered bodies.

Some humans are also on hand just in case of any technical glitches.


Staying at a Henn na Hotel is said to be an experience filled with “unexpected and delightful surprises”.

According to The Asian Review, plans are already underway to open another 50 Henn na hotels by 2020.

Maybe robots really will be taking over?

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