Forget normal. Sydney’s new hotel The Collectionist purposefully defies that. It is not so much a collection of rooms but more a variety of canvases and you can choose to stay in any of them. The entire concept is about removing that cookie cutter feel from hotel stays.

Owners Toby Raphael and Daniel Symonds commissioned seven designers from four leading design studios, and 13 artists, to create 39 individually designed rooms and lobby space.

“I have an aversion to bland and we feel our guests want something different to complete the hotel experience.”

Owner of The Collectionist Daniel Symonds

When checking in at the Camperdown hotel, guests are handed a drink invited to look at what rooms are available, before picking out the one that tickles their fancy.

Symonds likens to the check-in experience to browsing an art-gallery.

The Collectionist

Design firms The World Is Round, Amber Road, Willis Sheargold and Pattern Studio were each given their own rooms to bring to life – their brief simply to “be eclectic”.

Here is something that you can be sure of: no two rooms in this hotel look the same. They span from nautical-themed and French log cabin styled to African marketplace inspired.

The Collectionist

The Collectionist

In recognition of the unique design of each room, they have been given imaginative names that reflect the room’s ambiance such as La Chambre Noir, the Queenie Fah Fah and the Cloud Runner.

Symonds said the purpose of the hotel was to create rooms that challenge the ‘norms’ on hotel room design.

“We are expecting divided opinions on some of the designs but we are confident that everyone will find a room that appeals to them,” he said.

The Collectionist

Rooms are grouped in four categories based on their size and whether an outdoor space is included. Prices lead-in from a reasonable $200 per night.

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