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Where's my ghost? The quirkiest hotel reviews on the web

Those who work in customer service at hotels should be showing this to management as their trump card to getting a raise.

Those who work in customer service at hotels should be showing this to management as their trump card to getting a raise.

Clearly it shows they have to deal with guests and manage their feedback, which can range from the bizarre to the utterly bizarre. From too many women to not enough, the lack of toasters in bedrooms to a hotel’s resident ghost, what people say post stay are wide and varied, but thanks to Wego in collaboration with data analyst partner, TrustYou, they’ve dug through it all to bring us the most amusing feedback from hotel guests around the world.

“Hotel guests are usually quite candid about what impresses them and not,” Wego, Chief Marketing Officer, Joachim Holte said.

Womenhotel_KarryOnThe survey said one guest advised fellow travellers not to visit the bars and restaurants of a particular hotel only because it was frequented by ‘a lot of women’. On the flipside, others complained they were disappointed at not seeing enough women at an event in a hotel – with one guest advising the hotel management: “in future the hotel may look into this”.

One guest couldn’t help but smear their positive comments of having a separate bathroom, bedroom and lounge room with a negative saying not having a toaster in the room “was just horrible!”

Meanwhile, one critic complaint about the shower door being semi-transparent.

“The semi-transparent glass door made it easy for anyone to see what was happening inside. This may be lovely if you are accompanied with a pretty woman, however, I was staying with two hairy lads!”

Last but not least, who could go past the supernatural guests who were mentioned in the survey. After mentioning that ‘her friend’ was touched multiple times whilst taking a shower, “it was a friendly ghost but my friend did tell the ghost to go away as we meant no harm to them.”

ghostMeanwhile, at a different location, a guest lodged a complaint when a haunted hotel failed to deliver a satisfactory supernatural encounter.

“I was hoping for at least an ectoplasmic explosion from the ceiling or a pair of creepy toddler twins chasing me down the hall” the guest wrote:

“To be perfectly honest, the scariest thing I saw during my stay was the bowl of curry laksa I ordered from room service.”

And if we’re going to include the supernatural, what about just plain nature. One critic complained the hotel’s poolside had more pigeons and crows than humans, but was quipped back by another guest saying: “if you have a bird phobia, then this poolside might not be a place for you”.

So what should hotels learn and take-away from the survey?

“Guest reviews provide an insights to fellow travellers as well as hotel management, but more importantly they highlight the individuality and personality of travellers. It also ensures that the smallest details are not overlooked,” TrustYou CEO Benjamin Jost said.

Top Ten Guest Comments:

1. No ghost sighting

2. One ghost touching

3. Weird, glass enclosed bathroom in room shared by hairy mates

4. Too much cardio, not enough squats in the gym

5. No toaster = horrible!

6. Pool attracted a bird convention

7. My toilet seat fell off

8. Too many women in the bar

9. Not enough women in the bar

10. Extra charge for children: fabulous!

 What’s the weirdest hotel review you’ve ever written – or read?