Detailed descriptions of their homes, a couple of decent images, great organisational skills and a whole lot faith – that’s all it took for women across the world to earn over US10 billion through tourists.

According to Airbnb, females are leading in the home-sharing community with women now making up more than 50 percent of superhosts worldwide.

A special International Women’s Day reported compiled by the home-sharing site found that over the last five years the number of females hosts has grown by 40 times and in Australia is alone, women make up 65 percent of all hosts.

Worldwide, the ladies have made over US$10 billion over the last decade.


In Sydney women are making an average income of $3,767, while in Melbourne it’s around $4,844.

Although the sharing economy comes with some serious side effect for hoteliers, the site is also helping women ease up on their workload and live out a more balanced lifestyle.

Around five percent (or 50,000) of those who have eagerly signed up to rent out their homes admit to using the site to help support a new business and around 17 percent claim to do it so they only have to work part-time.


Meanwhile, last month Airbnb revealed that its business was growing from strength-to-strength with an 8.7 percent increase in business last year compared to the prior year.

The figure was released as The Deloitte Tourism Hotels Market Outlook reported a slow down in bookings through traditional forms of accommodation. Click here for more information.

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