No seriously, what is an iconic singer who’s been a ‘Hero’ to many through ‘Open Arms’ lyrics and can make ‘Angels Cry’ with those sweet as ‘Honey’ vocals, doing in an ad for hostels?

Mariah Carey has expressed some unexpected positive ‘Emotions’ for the type of accommodation usually reserved for backpackers and budgeters in Hostelworld’s newest promo.

Appearing online yesterday, the three-minute video features the multi-platinum selling artist and ‘diva’ (if knowing what you want & fighting for it [even if it’s fresh toilet seats in a hotel room] makes you a diva, then okay) walking through one of the brand’s properties and [eventually] liking what she sees.

Mariah Carey hostelworld 2

“Liking what she sees” may be a bit of an exaggeration, she’s “accepting of what she sees” is closer to being accurate because let’s be honest, a night at a hostel is more than likely NOT a Mariah Carey ‘Fantasy’.

So how did she end up walking around a hostel?


Well, the ad’s narrative opens with a hostel team member running around in terrified joy as Mariah Carey’s limo approaches. We soon find out that the singer’s staff severely messed up and accidentally reserved her a Hostelworld stay, instead of a hotel stay.

Upon realising the error, Mariah’s entire team enters a state of extreme fear while the artist herself is mortified.

I mean, if you were Mariah Carey, wouldn’t your eyebrows be raised and lips ready to yell also?

Mariah Carey hostelworld

‘Against all Odds’, including a shirtless man brushing his teeth in an elevator, Mariah comes to appreciate the Hostelworld charm, but only after seeing the “beautifully appointed, private room” and the bar.

According to the brand, “even divas can be believers” in budget rooms.

Mariah Carey hostel world

Check out the full promo below…

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Does this ad make you want to stay in a hostel?