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Hotel Living: Premium 'A By Adina' Makes Its Global Debut

TFE Hotels has officially launched its premium A by Adina hotel brand, and with it, the concept of ‘hotel living’.

TFE Hotels has officially launched its premium A by Adina hotel brand, and with it, the concept of ‘hotel living’.

As TFE Hotels CEO Antony Ritch gears up for Adina Hotel’s 40th birthday, it seems like the perfect time for the TFE team to launch its first premium address, A by Adina Canberra.

Promising stunning form and function across the private, upscale apartment-style rooms in tandem with everything expected of a premium, full-service hotel and hotel featured design.

According to Antony, A by Adina’s brand promise and ‘sophisticated coming of age’ evolved as TFE Senior Executives saw an opportunity in the market and moved to fill it.

“Traditionally apartment hotels have been built with a residential feel, but that’s changing,” Antony said.

“What was missing was the “underlying experience” for those chasing a premium stay – that feeling you get when you stay in a place where people know you and, most importantly, know how you like to stay.”

Antony Ritch, TFE Hotels CEO

And thus, the concept of ‘hotel living’ was born.

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A By Adina

Antony believes that A by Adina hotels will appeal to those confident travellers who appreciate incredible design and quality of finishes as well as impeccable, personalised hospitality when they receive it.

“When you step inside an A by Adina, you’ll find that perfectly suited balance between a hotel and a private apartment,” he said.

“We want the entire experience to be understated, but impactful.”

Antony Ritch, TFE Hotels CEO

A by Adina’s bold brand promises are underpinned by three brand pillars – Contemporary Australian, Detailed Simplicity and Quiet Confidence – so it comes as no surprise that emotional intelligence is at the cornerstone of the brand’s intuitive service. 

A By Adina

According to Antony, the notion of “EQ” is applied during the A by Adina recruitment and onboarding process, so that hotel teams understand their guests, what motivates them and what they need to have to ensure the best stay possible.

“We do things well, in a subtle but sophisticated way. You’ll see touches of finer detail at every turn and touchpoint. And, for guests, everything will feel intuitively right.”

Antony Ritch, TFE Hotels CEO

Guests at A by Adina Sydney, the brand’s second hotel scheduled to open at Australia Square in Sydney’s CBD in April, will sample contemporary Australian cuisine, with Executive Chef Jane Strode at the helm of the hotel’s food and beverage experience.

In an exciting move, A by Adina Sydney has also partnered with some of the city’s most exciting food talents – including legendary restaurateur Maurice Terzini, of Bondi Icebergs, and global award-winning Maybe Sammy’s team: Vince Lombardo, Stefano Cantino and Andrea Gualdi.

Each A by Adina hotel will embrace its location and its own identity, but all will have the same service traits and the same warm welcome on arrival.

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