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HEADWINDS: Qantas announces $1.3b profit: Down 17% YOY

The Qantas Group has announced its end of year result for FY19 with a profit of $1.3b – down 16.8% on the previous record financial year.

The Qantas Group has announced its end of year result for FY19 with a profit of $1.3b – down 16.8% on the previous record financial year.

The Qantas Group has today delivered an underlying profit before tax of $1.3 billion for the financial year 2019.

While the result was down 16.8% on the previous record year, the group which includes Qantas domestic, international and freight, as well as Jetstar Australia and all of its international arms, say it’s a “particularly strong result when you consider some of the headwinds we managed in the year.”

Higher oil prices lifting the fuel bill over $614 million, a lower Australian dollar that cost $154 million and a $92 million non-cash expense on provisions for items including employee leave provisions were all factors the group say impacted the group’s final result.

Amongst the highlights in the final result was a $1,250 staff travel bonus for 25,000 non-executive employees, worth $32 million.

Here’s the breakdown of highlights and the outlook ahead.


What you need to know about FY19

The new Qantas Business lounge in Singapore

  • Each key part of the group delivered a strong profit in FY19
  • Qantas Group revenue was at record levels
  • Qantas Loyalty and Frequent Flyer posted another record profit for the year
  • Statutory earnings per share remained at the record level the group achieved last year at 54.6c per share
  • Shareholders can expect a return of 13 cents per share fully franked dividend, plus an off-market buyback of up to 79.7 million shares
  • A $1,250 staff travel bonus has been handed out for 25,000 non-executive employees, worth $32 million


What’s the FY20 outlook?


  • Three direct New York and London to Sydney research flights for Project Sunrise announced with a YES/NO decision made by the end of 2019
  • The Qantas Group have hedged 100 per cent of their fuel for the year ensuring they can manage a constant price – the total fuel bill is expected to increase to AU$3.95 billion (up $100 million)
  • The groups twelve A380s are being completely refurbished with new seats, a new onboard lounge and new cabin layout. The group says the first A380 is already being worked on and will be in service from September 2019
  • A new First lounge and expanded Business lounge in Singapore is opening soon
  • Jetstar will take the first of its new A321 NEOs, which have better range and will help open up new destinations
  • Frequent Flyer will roll out $25 million worth of improvements to the program – making it a lot easier to get a seat using points at times when customers most want to travel
  • The group are working on continued waste reduction targets, including eliminating 100 million single-use plastics per year
  • In a few months, Qantas will celebrate its 99th anniversary. And in that same moment, the airline will enter its 100th year of operation

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Find out more: www.qantas.com.au