JOURNEY BEYOND: New name in travel game has all the iconic experiences

Travellers keen on seeing Australia’s legendary locations – journey from ochre dirt to azure water – will love this new travel company’s big-ticket items

Travellers keen on seeing Australia’s legendary locations – journey from ochre dirt to azure water – will love this new travel company’s big-ticket items

Heard of an Aussie-owned company called Journey Beyond?

No worries if the answer is negative because Journey Beyond is brand spanking, with this new name in travel vowing to become Australia’s “leading experiential tourism group’’.

But while you may not know the business there’s no doubt you’re very familiar with the icons in the Journey Beyond family as the group operates The Ghan, Indian Pacific and The Overland in the Great Southern Rail gang as well as Cruise Whitsundays and Rottnest Express.

With these famous faces the company can help tourists explore the length and breadth of Australia, from coast to coast and right through the red centre, with the rail and maritime routes complimented by tours showcasing celebrated places.

And there are more incredible experiences set to join in the future with Journey Beyond continuing to curate theme-based experiences and city-stop packages.



The company is aiming to “take guests beyond, to ignite their imagination, and transform amazing into breathtaking’’ and has already unveiled a new website with a lifestyle magazine launching later this month.

The first edition’s cover features socialite Lindy Rama-Ellis on Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays and inside are interviews with chef Luke Mangan, AFL star turned artist Gavin Wanganeen, and singer Xavier Rudd.

The mag is for those roaming with Great South Rail, Cruise Whitsundays and Rottnest Express and future editions will introduce unique destinations and inspiring locals as well as diving into regional food and wine scenes.

With business development teams in Sydney and Adelaide the Journey Beyond crew is busting to help travel agents and their clients create itineraries that make for extraordinary moments, and there’s more info about all the Aussie vacations on offer on the internet page.



The website is a “stepping-off point to explore and discover the hundreds of immersive tourism experiences on offer’’ between the continent’s coastlines with facts on the rail and marine journeys as well as guided outings.

The four big names under the Journey Beyond umbrella are The Ghan, Indian Pacific, Cruise Whitsundays and Rottnest Express with encounters taking travellers across red dirt and onto the deep blue.

Relax and sit back as the Indian Pacific journeys across the country between Sydney and Perth. The Ghan follows the historical line stretching from the South Australian capital to Darwin, and both rail routes frequent lists of the world’s greatest train journeys.

Cruise Whitsundays is described as the “largest and most experienced marine operator’’ on that part of the Queensland coast not only offering resort connections but day trips venturing to the Great Barrier Reef and Whitehaven Beach.



In the west, Rottnest Express offers daily ferry services from Perth and Fremantle to nearby Rottnest, home of the cute quokka, and an assortment of tours to explore the unspoiled island.

Visit the Journey Beyond website below or reach out to Journey Beyond’s national business development team via email at [email protected]

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Written by Sarah Nicholson, KARRYON contributor

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