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KAPOW: It's Bunnik Vs Bargain Tours In First Ever TV Ad

Bunnik Tours has launched its first-ever TV campaign highlighting the value of booking with the Adelaide based operator versus "mass-produced bargain tours."

Bunnik Tours has launched its first-ever TV campaign highlighting the value of booking with the Adelaide based operator versus “mass-produced bargain tours.”

The 30-second TV ad currently airing on Channel Nine features Bunnik Travel Joint CEO and CATO Chairman, Dennis Bunnik boldly leading the charge.

The ad begins with Dennis saying:

“When it comes to overseas holidays, there are the mass-produced bargain tours that all pretty much look and feel the same.

“And then, there’s Bunnik Tours…”

Dennis then goes on to explain the Bunnik difference, ending with a proud nod to Bunnik Tours recent NTIA “International Tour Operator Of The Year” award for 2019.

Speaking to Karryon about the ad, Dennis told us:

“This is our first-ever branding ad, so we wanted to do something different. It’s designed to set us apart from the deal focused operators and encourage travellers to think more about how they travel rather than just where.

“The how you travel and who you travel with is what really determines how good your holiday will be. The current trend of bombarding travellers with deal after deal and focusing only on price is leading to a lot of confusion and people booking trips that are entirely unsuitable for them.

“This isn’t our style at Bunnik, so this ad continues our tradition of explaining what we’re about so that clients can make a fully informed decision themselves.”

The Bunnik Tours ad is currently airing on Channel Nine in Sydney with the tour operator saying there are: “more cities to come” and is designed to back up Bunnik Tours extensive weekend press advertising.

While presenting the TV ad is also a starring first for Dennis Bunnik, he has in recent years become a YouTube sensation in his own right thanks to his vlogging roles on the Bunnik Travels channel and his own personal channel: Dennis Bunnik Travels’.

‘Dennis Bunnik Travels’ features airline reviews with over 83,000 followers and some videos notching up hundreds of thousands of views. To date, Dennis’ videos have been viewed an impressive total of 15m times.

Top of the pops is Dennis’ Emirates First Class 777 Review which has been the most-watched video to date with 1.3m views.

The ad campaign also echoes the recent touring panel discussion at the Express Travel Group Xchange Conference in Bangkok where the key message was around agents becoming tour experts.

Speaking on the touring panel, Dennis Bunnik asked the question:

“You hear the phrase “There’s a cruise for everyone” banded around often, so why not “there’s a tour for everyone” too?”

READ all about it here.

Dennis Bunnik (GM Bunnik Tours)

Dennis Bunnik at the ETGX Conference in Bangkok