Mayan my manners but it’s frijoles time! A museum entirely dedicated to Mexican food is opening up in Los Angeles (L.A.) & it’ll be the only place in the city where you can learn to make tacos & quesadillas like a Mexican.

(The only place in the city, unless you have a Mexican American friend or family member living in L.A. that’s willing to show you).

LA Plaza Cocina will open later this year inside LA Plaza, a multi-disciplinary venue located in Downtown L.A. that’s dedicated to showcasing and preserving Mexican American history and culture.


Complimenting other culturally important venues found within LA Plaza, LA Plaza Cocina will be the first ever museum dedicated to Mexican food which, let’s be honest, is probably the best food on this planet (#afactforme).

An array of exhibitions will walk visitors through the history of Mexican food from its indigenous roots to its contemporary interpretations. There’ll also be lectures and workshops during which visitors can delve deeper into the various cuisine.

Cooking classes will be held inside LA Plaza Cocina for those who want to learn how to make Mexican dishes (the right way), along with culinary festivals.

Click here to learn more about the museum that’ll probably having you drooling from beginning to end.