Bunnik Tours is making your working life that little bit easier, with the launch of its funky, new-look website and completely revamped agent portal, compatible across all mobile devices.

Marking Bunnik Tours’ 25th year, the new website – which goes live today – is easy to use across mobile and tablet devices allowing for navigation on the go.

Perfect for that mobile agent coffee shop meet up!

Agents will be able to find a wealth of useful information related to Bunnik Tours in the new agent portal including quizzes, webinars, passenger forms, marketing assets, options to build their own flyers and tips on how to sell a Bunnik tour.


Site highlights

Bunnik Tours Website

There’s a new go-to section on what makes a Bunnik Tour so unique – such as small group sizes, no hidden extras and airfares included – to help agents quickly secure a sale.

There’s also a useful FAQs section that addresses questions such as the level of mobility passengers will need on a tour, the differences in group size between Bunnik Tours and the Small Group Touring Co. and whether there is an age limit on solo travellers.

Within the Marketing Assets section, agents can save and use different tiles or images for their social media posts and download different versions of the Bunnik Tours logo.

There is also the Bunnik Tours XML data feed that enables agents to access up-to-date tour information that can be incorporated into their own website or client application. The feed, which is free for you to use, is dynamically-generated so that changes published within Bunnik Tours’ content management system are reflected live within the feed.

To help with product knowledge, you can also register for upcoming webinars or catch up on ones that they have missed. Webinars on the new-look website include the new Africa 2020 program, Asia 2020/21, the Middle East 2020/21 and the 5 Stans 2020/21.

Happy selling!

Click here to log into the new portal.