If you’ve got clients who’d love to feel totally spoiled living it up in a Qantas Business or First Class Lounge, listen up because Qantas has opened up seven of its lounges to paying customers.

For the first time, Qantas is offering highly sought after lounge access to those without status credits or Business and First Class tickets. In fact, passengers don’t even have to be flying Qantas to be eligible.

It comes after a paid access trial in the Qantas London Lounge proved to be a successful way to allow extra customers to visit during off-peak hours without impacting eligible customers in busier times.

The offer has been extended to other airports, including Los Angeles (Business and First), Hong Kong, Auckland, Wellington, and Perth (International Business lounge T1).

Qantas explained to Karryon that there are a few finer details to keep in mind though.

Firstly paid access is only available outside of peak hours and it is dependent on sufficient space being available.

“After eligible customers from Qantas, oneworld airlines and partner airlines are accommodated,” a Qantas spokesperson said.

“Check-in staff will extend the offer only when capacity will allow,” they confirmed.

So which lounges are participating & how much does it cost?

Perth Lounge Qantas

Access to Los Angeles First Lounge will set you back US $150 while entry to LAX’s International Business Lounge is US $75.

London Heathrow’s International Lounge GBP 55 while Hong Kong’s International Lounge is HK $450.

Meanwhile, in Auckland, access to the International Business Lounge is NZ $60 and in Wellington International Business Lounge access is NZ $55

Back in Australia the offer only extends to the Perth Business Lounge in T1 and access is $70 Aussie dollars.

All prices are based on three-hour entry.

Don’t forget to give your luxury-loving clients the heads up on this new opportunity to get inside some of the world’s best airport lounges.