There’s nothing more annoying than being crowded around & pressured to move on when really trying to appreciate the architecture & goddess depictions at Egypt’s Luxor Temple.

Other tourists can be a real pain the rear – Luxury Gold knows this and has found a way to sweep them out of the way.

They’ve done it through a private after-hours tour of the ancient site. Legit!

Luxury Gold used its contacts in the African country to get its guests after-hours access to the Ancient Egyptian temple as part of its 2020 Worldwide Collection released today.

The money-can’t-buy (unless you’re buying a Luxury Gold journey) experience is featured in operator’s new 10-day Elegance of the Pharaoh’s itinerary that also includes a cruise along the mighty Nile and other iconic Egyptian highlights.


An after-hours visit to Castle Howard in England has also been added to the brand’s 2020 program, where guests will enjoy a specially-made high tea.

Talk about VIP!

Also new for next year is the line’s two new immersive journeys through Colombia (Art, Culture & Cuisine of Colombia) as well as the USA and Canada (Vibrant Eastern Canada & the USA).

Food enthusiasts will be happy to hear that Luxury Gold has included culinary trips through South America and Greece in 2020, which were created to meet growing appetites.


The 2020 Worldwide Collection features a total of 50 immersive journeys across six continents. It’s available now and includes a limited-time 10 percent early payment discount.

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