The security line is moving a whole lot faster at Melbourne Airport’s Terminal 4 thanks to new 3D scanning technology that saves the need for passengers to remove laptops and liquids from their bags.

The introduction of the new machines at Melbourne Airport follows a successful trial last year which was deemed “a huge success with passengers”.

The new technology uses 3D imagery, providing security staff with greater detail, while also benefiting passengers who no longer have to take liquids and laptops out of their bags.

This speeds up the security process significantly.

Winning, yay , cheering, yes

“Overall, we are seeing a 50 per cent reduction in passenger journey time, down to a little more than a minute.”

Scott Dullard, Head of Security & Emergency, Aviation for Melbourne Airport

The new system is said to have very “low false alarm rates” with advanced explosives detection and can allow for electronics and liquids to remain in bags.

The domestic terminal currently features four new security lanes made up of carry-on baggage scanners known as HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX, the automated tray return system, iLane.evo, and the screening management platform, Checkpoint.Evoplus.

All these elements are designed to improve the speed and security of the checkpoint screening process.


Two additional units in T4 and another seven in international terminal T2, are expected to be completed over the next two months – ideally in time for the rush over the festive season.

Melbourne airport is the first major airport in Australia to go ‘live’ with these latest checkpoint scanners.