‘Welcome to paradise reclaimed’, that’s the tagline MSC Cruises has created to describe a new multi-million dollar island restoration project where they say guests will be able to experience an “ecologically intelligent destination”.

MSC Cruises is four years into the restoration of Ocean Cay, an island located in the Bahamas, which was used as an industrial island for over 50 years during which time natural materials, such as sand, were exported to other parts of the world.

Unsurprisingly, this industrial work left the island in bad shape and practically killed off its surrounding eco-system.


In 2015, MSC Cruises confirmed that it would invest in the island in an eco-friendly way that’d not only make it a little slice of paradise for guests but bring sea life back to the destination and repair its natural seascape.

Now, less than six months before it welcomes its first guests, the European cruise line says restoration work, including the set up of a 16,000-tonne rock shoreline and planting of 75,000 individual flora, has paid off.


“Having put the rocks in, we’re seeing lobsters are everywhere,” said one of the 500 eco-experts working night and day to restore the island.

Investing some £157 million (AU$288 million) in the island, marine scientists believe that there’s a “good chance” that there’ll be a healthy colony of fish in the area again.


“Visits will see a natural seascape that is being carefully protected and preserved.”

MSC Cruises

“It’s founded on a deep commitment to ecological principals. These beliefs shape everything from how venues are built to how they are run and the kinds of activities featured on the island.”

In addition to sensing the deep respect for nature, guests will be able to take part in non-motorised water sports during their visits such as stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkelling and diving, as well as enjoy walking and cycling paths, swim in six beaches or stroll through the Bahamian village of restaurants, bars and shops.

All MSC Cruises ships from Miami will call at Ocean Cay as part of the Caribbean itineraries from November 2019.

Check out the video below for more information:


Does Ocean Cay sound like your kind of island holiday?