BLUE-SKY THINKING: 5 reasons Scoot is shaking up low-cost carriers

The airline calls it ‘Scootitude’, a fresh way to take to the air, but it could also be called bringing the fun back to air travel.

The airline calls it ‘Scootitude’, a fresh way to take to the air, but it could also be called bringing the fun back to air travel.


Whether it’s a fleet of sleek new 787 Dreamliners with fun names, being one of the first to provide a kid-free cabin option, or surprise on-board competitions it’s fair to say that Scoot – Singapore Airlines’ low-cost carrier – does things differently.

It’s all about Scootitude, the essence of Scoot and their passengers. What do their adventurous, thirsty, young-at-heart, value-seeking travellers want in an unbundled airline? How about Scooting from Perth to Singapore from $149*. Or Melbourne to Athens from $339*! That’s real talk!

They want to save money and gain an experience. And Scoot has shown that its fares, plus its quirky, enthusiastic services, have been a game changer in the value travel market.

At Scoot, they believe that low-cost needn’t mean no personality:


5. Go no-frills all the way to Europe!

Scoot started with medium to long-haul flights from its hub of Singapore to China, India and Australia – but now you can fly to Europe for ridiculously cheap fares. Scoot launched Athens flights from Australia in 2017 and launched Berlin in 2018. Ventures halfway around the world have never felt closer.

Scoot has had flights from Australia to Athens for not much over $300 in the past, a price you would never have dreamed would have got you so far.


4. Keep calm and pay what you want

Bundle me up! Scoot says pay only for what you want, when you want it!

Want to stay connected? In-seat power and onboard power wifi is all yours.

Want to travel in style? Choose ScootBiz for double the leg room, uber comfy leather reclining seats and the extras included? Done deal.

Want to run away for a weekend with just a backpack (and maybe a toothbrush)? Scoot says do it, here’s 10KG carry on!


3. Get the silent treatment

Scoot in Silence – a zone located towards the front of all the airline’s 787 Dreamliners. With no kids under 12, Scoot in Silence attracts serious Zzz’s.


2. Need even more room?


Low cost doesn’t always mean less! Available on Scoot’s 787 Dreamliners, Stretch seats offer 50% more legroom than Standard sears (with at least 34″ pitch), every seat comes with an adjustable headrest and being located towards the front of the plane means you’ll be in the first few off the plane, closer to your adventure!


1. Scoot off and escape the ordinary!


Do you have a strong sense of adventure? Do you love a fare that allows you to tailor your experience? Do you want to see and do more for less $$? Then you are full of Scootitude!

Try flying from Melbourne to Athens from $339*. Or Sydney to Berlin from $349*! Check them all out here.

*Prices Subject to Change. Terms and conditions apply.


Where will your Scootitude take you?

Written by Paul Chai, KARRYON contributor

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