G'DAY USA! 7 places to go stateside for an epic 4th of July celebration

There is no better time to visit the USA than when it’s in full Independence Day party mode! We’re talking parades & block parties where people drag their barbecues out into the street.

There is no better time to visit the USA than when it’s in full Independence Day party mode! We’re talking parades & block parties where people drag their barbecues out into the street.

Literally! They actually do that.

As one of the most patriotich societies, it comes as no surprise that Americans go all-out to commemorate the signing of their Declaration of Independence that took place in 1776, after winning against the Brits in the Revolutionary War.

And although the Americans may have kicked out of the English Monarch, Aussies (who are still very much tied to Queen Elizabeth and the royal family) have a special love of American culture, so-much-so that they’ll travel over 16 hours for some decent mac n’ cheese, a well fried chicken with gravy and bloody amazing burger.


While you may not be there this year to help the USA celebrate 243 years of independence, there’s no better time to start planning for the country’s 244th by booking a trip to one of these places dubbed the best to celebrate the 4th of July stateside:


1. Washington

There is no place like the current seat of USA government to celebrate the biggest holiday of the American summer. Washington has one of the largest parades in the country where you will see floats, food trucks and hundreds of thousands of flag-waving partygoers as they line Constitution Avenue.

Come night time the national monuments – like the Lincoln Memorial – are lit up with a massive fireworks display that can be seen from all over the city.


2. New York

New York is home to a unique Independence Day celebration: Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Last year, Joey Chestnut – 10-time hot-dog devouring champ – ate an incredible 72 hot dogs – then presumably had a very big lay down.

But the rest of New York will be alive with parties like a beach party that takes place near the famous Coney Island boardwalk, celebrations on the city’s rooftop bars or a party pub crawl.

3. Chicago

Independence Day is marked in Chicago by a dramatic fireworks display at Navy Pier. You don’t have to be right at the pier to see the show either, with awesome views to be found on nearby beaches and rooftops around the city.

There will also be a number of special July 4 cruises where you can enjoy dinner on board the boat and, of course, an exclusive view of the fireworks from the water.

4. Las Vegas


Independence Day in Vegas will not disappoint.

Make a splash at one of the many famous Vegas pool parties that will be in full swing during the day. And if you’ve still got energy you can carve up the dance floor at one of the nightclubs on the strip.

The strip itself will be absolutely buzzing and there will be plenty of fireworks displays to watch with the resorts competing with each other for the most fabulous show.


5. Miami

This Florida town knows how to party all year round but on the Fourth of July you will find a big bash at Bayfront Park that ends with an epic fireworks display, party cruises hitting the ocean and the city’s famous nightclubs offering themed red, white and blue parties.

Recover with a visit to any one of Miami’s great beaches, stroll the famous art deco district with over 100 perfectly preserved buildings from the 1920s or take a cruise around the croc-infested Everglades on an airboat.


6. Philadelphia

Order up a plate of Philly cheese steak, catch the massive free concert or check out fireworks accompanied by the Philadelphia Orchestra – this city does not hold back on the national holiday.

The other reason this is the perfect place to plan your July 4 fiesta is that the city is home to the legendary Liberty Bell. The inscription on the Liberty Bell reads “Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof” and the bell has become a symbol of the freedom so beloved by the citizens of the US.


7. Phoenix

For some southern celebrations try the parties on offer in Phoenix, Arizona. The family-friendly Fourth of Zooly sees the Phoenix Zoo transformed into a huge block party. There are patriotic parties over the length and breadth of the city and more fireworks once the sun goes down.

When the party is over, take a day trip to Grand Canyon National Park which has one of the most famous views on the planet. Check the changing colours of the canyon at sunset and stay the night in one of the nearby lodges.


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Where do you want to celebrate July 4?

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