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1. $699 fares to Europe selling fast

Trafalgar NTK

Trafalgar says its exclusive $699 air offer across all of its 97 trips through Europe and Britain for 2017/2018 are selling quickly and is encouraging travellers to get in quick and secure their return flights.

Matthew Cameron-Smith, Managing Director Trafalgar Australia, said the offer is completely transparent and the best “for travel with Trafalgar in 2018”.

With a choice of either the exclusive air deal for just $699 return including taxes on all 97 Europe and Britain trips for travel from now to 30 November 2018. Or clients can choose the 10 percent Early Payment Discount if paid in full before 14 December 2017.

The offer is valid for travel from now to 30 November 2017 and from 13 January to 30 November 2018. Click here for more information.


2. AirAsia is moving terminals at Changi Airport


AirAsia will relocate operations at Singapore Changi Airport from Terminal 1 to Terminal 4 effective 7 November 2017.

All AirAsia flights scheduled for that day will arrive at and depart from Terminal 4. Departing and arriving flight schedules will not be affected by the move.

Guests departing from Terminal 4 are advised to arrive three hours before departure to ensure sufficient time to move through the new terminal, while those arriving in Terminal 4 are advised to inform their loved ones of the change.

Guests can reach the terminal via taxi, private hire cars, bus and personal transportation. Those using MRT services will need to head to Terminal 2 arrival hall and take the free shuttle bus service that will ferry guests to Terminal 4. The shuttle bus will be available every 10 minutes for 24 hours a day, every day of the week.


3. Phil Hoffmann commits to Helloworld Travel

Phil Hoffman

Helloworld Travel has confirmed today that it has re-signed the Adelaide based Phil Hoffmann Travel for a period of three years, taking them to an outstanding total of 22 years membership with the group.

Phil Hoffmann, Managing Director of Phil Hoffmann Travel commented on their ongoing commitment to Helloworld Travel, saying that the Helloworld Travel Associate model is the “best network” for the group.

“We have been a solid member of the group for almost 20 years now and it continues to be as relevant for our business today as it was when we first joined,” he said.


4. Beyond Travel launches a dedicated Russia cruise website

cruise russia website

Due to the success of Beyond Travel‘s dedicated Cruise Croatia and India & Beyond websites earlier this year, and growing demand for Russia experts, the company has decided to launch a new Cruise Russia website showcasing a selection of Russian River cruise itineraries in an easy-to-use format to assist Agents.

The site was designed to be simple to navigate and offers three categories of cruises; Deluxe, First Class and Standard. Most of the itineraries are between Moscow and St. Petersburg, or vice versa for one week, and others cover the Lower Volga all the way from Moscow to the Caspian Sea.

Agents using the site will have access to a wide selection of Russian River cruises and specials.

Click here to check out the website.


5. Explore Tahiti on the new website

Tahiti Tourism

Tahiti Tourisme has launched a new Australian website, which fuses the latest digital offerings with the cultural significance of the Islands, the new site elicits the spirit of Mana at every step.

The newly introduced 3-step process to finding the perfect holiday enables every aspect of a Tahitian holiday to be planned and booked in the one place. From finding your ideal experience, to discovering which of the 118 islands is for you, to booking your dream holiday, the new website has been designed to do it all.

Providing a fully comprehensive offering across 118 islands is no mean feat, and the site redesign and restructure has been in the works for over 12 months. With a focus that extends to the lesser known islands and activities possible throughout The Islands of Tahiti, the new site aims to encourage travellers who may not have previously thought of Tahiti, to consider the Islands.

Click here to check out the website.


6. New online transfer booking platform launched for Agents

International Rail

Australian-owned rail specialist International Rail has diversified its product range by launching a new ground transportation booking platform called “International Transfer” to Australian Travel Agents.

International Transfer allows Agents to search, choose and book transfers all over the world in less than 60 seconds and earn a commission on every booking made. It covers 2000 airports as well as hotels, train stations, cruise terminals and private addresses both in Australia and around the world.

Travel Agents who register with International Transfer will receive commissions of five percent on every booking, as well as the option of adding their own booking fee to the fare.

Click here to register.


7. roomsXML is temporarily out of rewards vouchers


roomsXML says it received so much interest in its rewards program that it has officially run out of gift cards to thank Agents.

According to the company’s Mark Luckey, not only is it a busy time of year, but the real rewards program, which transparently rewards Agents in Coles Myer vouchers, has grown in enormously in popularity. Updates to the front-end of roomsXML this year, now show Agents (amongst customer service updates and bookings requiring payment) their status for real rewards check-in.

Matt Patterson, also at roomsXML, said the company has given away thousands in vouchers, including several agencies, which took home over $1,000 vouchers.

As a result of the success, roomsXML has advised there is a slight delay in getting out this quarter’s rewards, but for the chance to earn in excess of 1.5% of check-in sales at the agency level in Coles Myer vouchers, “it’s worth the wait”.


8. &Beyond invests in sustainable energy in Botswana

andBeyond Botswana

Luxury experiential travel company &Beyond recently unveiled yet another initiative aimed at moving award from traditional energy sources at its 29 lodges and camps.

Capitalising on the latest available technology, the company has installed a state-of-the-art off-grid electrical micro grid at its &Beyond Xaranna Okavango Delta Camp. The first of its kind in Botswana and only the second on the African continent, it incorporates a solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant and a Tesla Powerpack battery energy storage system (BESS).

The introduction of the solar power system at &Beyond Xaranna has allowed the lodge to decrease generator runtime from 24 to 5 hours per day.

This reduction not only saves on the use of diesel but also decreases the generator services and parts required, as well as the impact of having the diesel delivered, including the emissions from both the delivery trucks and the generator itself.

With &Beyond’s efforts to reduce energy consumption targeting those areas where the impact is the highest, solar hot water systems have also been installed at both Sandibe and Nxabega. Not only are these installations more energy efficient but they also reduce the wastage of water

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