A brand new Swiss initiative has popped to life with guests able to stay at 11 uniquely hidden places in cities across Switzerland this summer.

This unique concept has opened guests to properties that are untouched and in unknown paths across Switzerland.

During this summer for a limited time, visitors can stay in basic accommodation like the fishermans hut in Basel on the Rhine River or on a romantic boat house on Lake Lucerne.

Australians are visiting Switzerland in record numbers with 50% of visitors staying 8 nights plus across the Country.

Switzerland Tourism Mark Wettstein, Director of Australia & New Zealand, introduced Switzerland’s summer campaign “Nature wants you back”.

“What I think is the best thing of Switzerland is you are always close to nature. You are never far from the rivers and the mountains”

Switzerland is truly a mesmerising place and now with the pop-up hotel initiative, visitors can stay on the rivers and with nature right by their side.


Pop-up Hotel Lucerne by Seehotel Kastanienbaum


Pop-up Hotel Basel by Basel Youth Hostel


Pop-up Hotel Bern by Altes Tramdepot


Pop-up Hotel Zurich by Milchbar/Peclard


Pop-up Hotel Vevey by Astra Hotel


Pop-up Hotel Solothurn by Hotel an der Aare


Pop-up Hotel St. Gallen by Einstein St. Gallen


Pop-up Hotel Lusanne by Beau-Rivage Palace


Pop-up Hotel Schaffhausen by MS Konstanz


Pop-up Hotel Castelgrande by Carlo Rampazzi


Pop-up Hotel Baden by Trafo Hotel


Agents, this pop up hotel initiative is only for the Summer months so if you have passengers planning to visit, check these places out and secure the rooms fast. There are only 11 across the Country.


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