Ahhhh the “millenials”,  with all their hopes and dreams, automatic google knowledge and quirky expectations for work environments!

Let’s face it though, the fact alone,  that if they don’t know how to do something, their instant reaction is to “google it” is admirable and I for one am really glad they exist!


If I am honest, I would still be stalking people on linkedin and thinking no one could see me if it wasn’t for my millennial work colleagues…

Taking into consideration that a vast majority of Travel industry workers fall into this category, we decided to do some research and share some insight, so you can retain your awesome workforce talent, given they have the world (and millions of other opportunities) at their fingertips.


A recent Travel industry employee survey conducted by Ainslie Hunt, TMS Talent Operations Manager,  found that the reasons why employees leave their roles can be broken down into the following categories…We here at KARRYON have put the data into a colourful looking lifesaver lollie… please tell me you know what that is.

Note- 152 of 153 recent candidates that left their Travel roles answered this question with multiple choice options.


Ainslie went on to  point out, “The millennials are hungry for career progression and we see that as being the main motivator in seeking new employment opportunities, with salary being a close second. To ensure you keep your high performing staff, you don’t necessarily need to promote them every 2 years, however they will want to see some clear career path opportunities within your business.”

We also got some similar feedback from the Golden girl of Travel Recruitment Sandra Chiles, In Place recruitment Founder.

“ In our experience candidates are telling us that there is no room for movement or opportunity for upskilling offered within their existing company, so they are seeking better opportunities or career progression elsewhere.”

So there we have it folks, make sure your team can see some personal career growth, you don’t have to overthink it, just make sure they know you are thinking of them and that you share with them your growth plans and opportunities!

On a super positive note, worth mentioning, only 8.6% are leaving from lack of benefits and I think as an industry we are improving here… Famils, incentives and industry rates are so important in our industry!

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Do you agree with us?