We know what you’re thinking, and the answer is, YES: People DO take sex toys on planes without getting caught. How? They manage it by knowing the rules of the game and being confident with it.

In an exclusive interview with KARRYON, SEXPO’s National Event Director, Bentleigh Gibson, throws the covers off and reveals what toys can be taken on planes and what on earth to do if you ever get caught at customs.


Why do you think SEXPO is so successful as an event in Australia?

SEXPO 2018 will be the 22nd year the expo has been running in various cities around Australia.

Over the decades, we’ve built fantastic connections within the adult industry in Australia and around the globe to be the first to showcase the newest and quirkiest developments throughout the adult industry.

I think it’s so successful because Aussies have a genuine interest in improving their lifestyles. It’s only natural to be curious about sex and SEXPO provides a safe, friendly and fun environment to do this with other like-minded individuals.


What trends can you share relating to the event? Are people travelling from country regions to attend the show?

This year’s theme is ‘Feel the Future’ looking at all things sex and technology. The interest Aussies show in technological developments within the consumer goods space is likely to extend to the technological developments within the adult industry.


How have you seen SEXPO change in the past few years? Is technology playing more a role?


Yes, and for the better. The adult industry has been pioneers in technology for decades now.

This year, because our theme is ‘Feel the Future’ we’re bringing out a fully developed companion robot called Harmony who has built-in AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. She can talk, blink and remember facts about her user.

The creation of companion robots is only one example of how progressive the adult industry is and we’re so excited to be the first to introduce Aussies to this technology.


Is the show a tourist driver for the city? Why is that?


Image: sexpo.com.au

Sure. We see this, particularly on a domestic level. Each year, SEXPO alternates between a couple of major cities, so we find that those living regionally will travel far to visit the expo.


In your opinion, what are some ways you can have a healthy sex life even when you are travelling for work?

It’s always important to stay connected to our partners and travelling for work can take a toll on some relationships when it comes to sex.

Living in 2018, we have access to smartphones that allow us to stay connected and it’s our recommendation to use the technology that’s already available to us. Use video chat instead of a standard phone call to speak to your partner or experiment with some sexy pictures.

If you’re not comfortable doing this, there is always the option to download something like Snapchat that deletes images once it has been opened. That way you can build up your confidence and be sure that it’s a safe environment.


What is safe to take on a plane?


Image: sexpo.com.au

Most sex toys can be taken on the plane. In saying that, you have to travel battery-free so it’s always best to remove the batteries before you get to airport security! Otherwise, well you know…


What should people do if they do get caught with a sex toy at customs?

OWN IT! At SEXPO, we find that confidence is key.

You don’t have to be the loudest person in the room, but confidence when it comes to sex confidence is very calming.

No one should ever feel embarrassed about owning a sex toy. It’s completely natural and most adults know this.

A simple smile to the customs officer should suffice and if they don’t know what it is when you pull it out you should tell them to come to SEXPO and learn a thing or two.


What kind of people attend SEXPO?

All kinds of people attend SEXPO but the event has its strongest following in the 18-35 year old demographic.

We generally find that more females attend on balance and that females are often the decision makers to attend with a partner or group.

We’ve noticed in recent years though, a rise in attendance from the 45+ age group too, which says to us that SEXPO isn’t just for the young anymore.

We find that females tend to go a little more than males and usual demographic is (See the above pic for why!). So if you’re 18+ then come along for a look.


What has been your most memorable SEXPO?


I think my most memorable show would have to be SEXPO Melbourne 2016 when a male patron proposed to his girlfriend on the main stage in front of thousands of watchers.

It just goes to show the bonding between couples when it comes to exploring sexuality. It was lovely to see and really gave everyone who put the expo together something to smile about at the end of the day!


If you could travel anywhere on any budget, where would it be and what would it look like?


Because some people doing like sandy beaches

The Maldives – the pictures in the glossy brochures make it look so tantalising.


SEXPO attracts on average around 30,000 people per event. Get behind or in front and check out the show:

Thursday, 14th June – Sunday, 17th June
Internation Convention Centre, Darling Harbour
Click here to purchase tickets.

Friday, 10th August – Sunday, 12th August
Adelaide Convention Centre
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