Regional areas of the US are being showcased & local stories being told like never before in a series of short videos airing as part of Brand USA’s newest initiative.

Launched earlier this year and proving to be a success for US tourism is Brand USA’s new ‘United Stories‘ campaign, which aims to deliver compelling, enticing and truly authentic experiences straight to consumers.

Starting in Belle Fourche, South Dakota – the geographic centre of the USA -, United Stories travels through two states every month to showcase the different parts of the country, as well as the local faces.

Speaking at IPW19 in Anaheim on Monday, Brand USA’s President and Chief Executive, Chris Thompson, described ‘United Stories’ as being built by a “mobile content creation lab” that’s travelling the country in search of “people and places”.

He said the aim was to showcase a “wide-open and welcoming country that’s brimming with possibility and inviting visitors from around the world to join us in these journeys”.


“I always say that once you know what locals know, you know the heartbeat of a community and that’s very compelling.”

Chris Thompson, Brand USA President & Chief Executive

“By year’s end, these journeys will show that our uniqueness is the fabric that binds us.”


So far, United Stories has delivered captivating tales from South Dakota, Phoneix and Sedona in Arizona, Memphis and Nashville in Tennessee as well as Fairbanks in Alaska, Hilo in Hawaii, Miami in Florida and Sugarbush in Vermont.

United Stories kicked off in a branded roaming Voltswagon Bus, which has since changed depending on each destination to include a boat in Puerto Rico and a kayak in Nashville.

Check out a clip below:



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