Flight Centre Travel Group has revealed it will be introducing an all-new totally touch-free “invisible payments” system across its network.

It comes following a partnership with Troovo Payments, a company described as being “the world’s only digital and virtual payment processing platform powered by Robotic Process Automation (RPA)”.

Troovo Payments integrate its so-called robotic engine to enable “invisible payments” across all Flight Centres Group systems and platforms.


Flight said this will, in turn, create a “highly secure, completely automated and totally touch-free solution for payments made to FLT’s suppliers”.

FLT’s global treasurer Richard Humphreys said the group was continuing to focus on innovation, efficiency and next-generation technology.

“Troovo gives us flexibility and scalability on a global basis and we are really excited to be working with Troovo to use its unique and innovative RPA solution to achieve our objectives for efficiency, cost-savings and revenue optimisation.”

FLT’s global treasurer Richard Humphreys

Troovo Co-Founder and CEO Kurt Knackstedt said the new relationship with Flight Centre would “set the standard for how B2B payments should be done by any organisation looking to optimise its payment capabilities”.

The collaboration will see a number of Flight Centre Travel Group business units throughout the globe deploying Troovo within their operational and payment process flows over the coming months.

Following this, they aim to fully deploy a “global payment switch” within the group which will see supplier payments be routed through and processed by Troovo throughout 2020 and beyond.

You can read more about Troovo here.