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New Zealand Go 100% Pure Kindness To Celebrate World Kindness Day

Today is World Kindness Day and to celebrate, New Zealand has decided to dedicated its social channels to 100% Pure Kindness for 24hrs.

Today is World Kindness Day and to celebrate, New Zealand has decided to dedicated its social channels to 100% Pure Kindness for 24hrs.

Never has kindness been more needed than in 2020, so to hero World Kindness Day on Friday 13 November, 100% Pure New Zealand, the world-famous brand of the New Zealand Tourism Board, will dedicate all social media platforms to sharing stories of kindness from all over the world.


All New Zealand destination content will be put on hold with the brand sharing only good news stories with kindness at their heart from all over the world across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

People from all over the world will be challenged to share in the day and show the positive side of humanity by posting their own stories of random acts of kindness using #PureKindness

Twitter believes in the idea so much they have come on as a partner for the day to support the global movement.

(Keep an eye out for the adorable new little kindness Earth Kiwi emoji on the hashtag!)

Good news only

Pure Kindness
A stranger built a new lemonade stand for Kelowna sisters after theirs was stolen.

During World Kindness Day, New Zealand will share a bunch of beautiful good news stories that will make your soul smile.

Here’s a sneak peek into a few of the stories that have been or will be shared today:

1. During the devastating Australian bushfires, wildlife rescues were overwhelmed by koalas, wombats and possums. Needing pouches to grow and mittens to help soothe burnt paws, volunteers united in their thousands to knit, crochet and sew for these orphaned animals. 

2. After flood waters hit Northland, New Zealand, Andy Murdoch offered his digger and his time to those in need of help during the cleanup.

3. André Gonçalves of Ponta Grossa, Brazil asked his barber to shave his hair before he lost it to chemotherapy. André’s shocked reaction went viral when everyone at the barbershop also went bald. “It means more than any words,” he said.

Pure Kindness

4. Abandoned as a baby, Meena Kumar developed a passion for helping older dogs after volunteering at a shelter in California. She has since donated over $7,000 from pet-sitting to help them find a forever home like she did. 

The inspiration behind 100% Kindness

Pure Kindness

Brodie Reid, Director of Marketing, Tourism New Zealand said “in a year like 2020, celebrating kindness is more important than ever. We wanted to take time on World Kindness Day to remind people that despite a challenging year, kindness and care is still at the core of us all.”

“This is the first time ever we have rebranded our social channels with something other than New Zealand destination content. While this may seem a surprising decision for a tourism board, having a social platform denotes a responsibility and we believe it’s a timely message to spread kindness. It’s not just landscapes that are important to New Zealand, it’s the
people and the manaakitanga (respect, empathy and care) you can experience in New Zealand that makes the country special.”

“Social media is a space that is too often a breeding ground for stress, anxiety or unkind behaviour but even witnessing acts of kindness can have a positive effect on people so we hope these random acts of kindness spread a little hope and joy with the world.

Brodie Reid, Director of Marketing, Tourism New Zealand

“We hope we can use New Zealand’s social channels to highlight some of the amazing acts of kindness happening every day.”

Why is kindness so important?

Pure Kindness

Studies show kindness increases life satisfaction and decreases depression and it’s been proven that doing nice things for others boosts your serotonin, the chemical responsible for feelings of wellbeing.

Altruism also boosts your endorphins, known as ‘helper’s high’. So as well as helping and showing others that you care, it eases your stress and anxiety and affects the chemical balance of your heart, potentially helping you live longer.  

So if you’re after close relationships, less stress, a long, healthy, happier life, and success, all you need to do is spread a little kindness in the world!

What will you do to share kindness today, and every day?

Let us know – email us.