From strict to loose – what’s going on in Russia? Who cares because the country’s new relaxed approach to the visa processes is making it easier for travellers to visit. Well, some travellers.

Russia’s leaders have revealed plans to make parts of the country visa-free, but only for European travellers.

Read on for more info on the eased process that Aussie will not have access to:




Image: Mitya Ivanov/Unsplash

Visa-free baby (but only to some parts of the country and for a limited time).

From October, European travellers will be permitted to see the Saint Petersburg area without applying for a regular visa. Instead, they’ll need to submit a free e-visa application online.

According to a Finnish news source, Uutiset, the e-visa is only valid for trips less than eight days and if the traveller is visiting by car, bus, boat or plane (so any form of travel really).

The application will be free but will require a passport, personal information and a recent digital photo.

Travellers will also need to plan ahead, as applications will need to be in at least four days prior to travel. It will be valid for one trip within 30 days.




Image: Alina Grubnyak/Unsplash


While Australians may not get visa-free travel to parts of Russia, the country recently did make it easier for Aussies to apply by opening the Russian Visa Center.

The Center took over the visa application and submission process from the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in April this year.