Alcohol-free? Ireland? What’s going on ‘ere then?! A new bar has opened its doors in Dublin with absolutely no alcohol inside & absolutely no intentions of serving it to patrons, ever.

The Virgin Mary Bar became Ireland’s first permanent alcohol-free bar when it swung open on Dublin’s Capel Street with intentions of providing locals and tourists “a different kind of night out”.

It looks exactly like a regular bar, but there’s no liquor in those bottles?


It may seem like a hard concept to grasp, especially for Ireland where Guinness was created and the annual religious holiday (St. Patrick’s Day) is essentially one massive drinking-fest, but The Virgin Mary Bar’s owner (also the creator of Poacher – premium mixers) says there’s actually strong demand for alcohol-free venues.

No seriously, he even has stats to back him up because according to Revenues Clearance Data from 2017, alcohol consumption in Ireland dropped 14 percent per person year-on-year.


“People are looking for a place where they can sit down with friends and really connect in a lively yet mindful drinking environment.”

Vaughan Yates, The Virgin Mary Bar Owner

With the absence of liquor, Dublin’s newest venue will serve creative alternatives, including a signature version of The Virgin Mary, made with freshly pressed vegetable juices, a secret hot sauce recipe and spicy infusions. There’s also alcohol-free spirits, beers and wines.


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