For the second year running, Club Med is celebrating being named the Best Hotel/ Resort Group at the National Travel Industry Awards (NTIA’s).

Club Med’s General Manager Rachael Harding credits their winning streak to their commitment to listening to what their partners want.

Rachael said when working with the industry you can’t just guess what they want, you need to spend the time engaging with them to find out.

You can read our full interview with Rachael below.

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What does being recognised by the industry in this way mean to you?


When you are a small team competing against some big brands, you have to make sure you spend and support wisely.

We spend a lot of our time listening to our partners and executing as well as we can so when you are recognised it makes it all worthwhile, especially to be recognised two years in a row.

It has really validated that we’re on the right track and every effort we put in every day, matters!


What are some little or big touches you and the team make to ensure you leave a positive impression on agents/clients?


Simple – we live and breathe our brand at every touchpoint. Whether it be training, promotion, online, tools, sales calls – we are “ always-on”.

We are part of a pretty amazing brand so bring people on our journey is always positive.


What are some changes the brand has made over the last year that would have contributed to your success this year?

We have really tried to listen to our partners and that means front line, back office or head office.

We haven’t guessed we have asked and therefore been able to deliver what the trade want when it comes to sales tools, reports, training, accessibility, famils etc.


What would you recommend to other brands hoping to win in future years?

Understand that you work with your partners collaboratively as one team – one doesn’t work without the other so find the equilibrium and collaboration point – you win, they win – everyone wins.


How important is your organisation to the industry?

karryon-Club Med Kani, the Maldives

Club Med offers a unique proposition that’s easy to sell and has a great repeat and referral business, which makes it a no brainer product for agents to have in their arsenal.

We’re also constantly working collaboratively and looking for new opportunities to work with travel agents and industry partners toward common successes.


What do you love about the industry?

You cannot find a more passionate bunch of people. Everybody loves what they do, who they represent and what they offer. We all try and remain relevant which means dynamism, innovation and creativity are abundant.

Oh, and we get to travel more than most.


What do you think the future holds for the travel industry?

karryon-club med-grand massif-french alps

Travel is now more about adventure, rejuvenation, fulfilment, learning new things. So the continuation to remain relevant to consumer needs and within the realms of responsibility is key


What’s your advice for people thinking of joining the industry?


You will work harder than you ever have, you will probably get paid less and you will be constantly faced with roadblocks and hurdles. If you can weather that storm, go for it, you are in for the best ride of your life.