OCEAN ENDEAVOUR: What To Expect On Chimu's New Antarctica Cruise

Chimu Adventures first ship The Ocean Endeavour will be setting sail to Antarctica on its inaugural voyage in early November 2020. So what can explorers onboard expect on the journey?

Chimu Adventures first ship The Ocean Endeavour will be setting sail to Antarctica on its inaugural voyage in early November 2020. So what can explorers onboard expect on the journey?

Experiencing Antarctica is undoubtedly high on most traveller’s agenda. But as always when it comes to travelling, it’s the journey there and back that’s just as key to the unforgettable memories that unfold once you’re there.

Travelling from Australia means firstly flying into South America’s steamiest capital, Buenos Aires, where stylish European influences combine with Latin energy to bring you one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Buenos Aires awaits…

After soaking up some culture and of course the incredible food, from there you’ll continue your adventure as you fly to the world’s most southerly city Ushuaia in Argentinian Patagonia and the gateway to the mighty kingdom of Antarctica.

Once you board the Antarctic-bound vessel the Ocean Endevaour, you’ll have time to stretch out and relax over the 48-hour journey as you hunker down for the Drake Passage – a stretch of water which steals any glimpse of land for almost two days.

There’ll be plenty of time to reflect on the journey ahead, write in your journal like the historical explorers did and learn all about the incredible and diverse amount of wildlife you’re about to set eyes upon.


Reaching the White Continent

Once you reach the Antarctic Peninsula, you’ll be presented with life in its rawest and most remote form.

Witness penguins stumble gracelessly on land yet transform into streamline bullets through water; watch the impossibly turquoise shades of a seal-covered iceberg become more pronounced the closer you get; and feel the bone-chilling desolation of a black sand beach fringed by shipwrecks.

The ultimate in experiential travel is becoming more popular. As the demand for Antarctic adventures increases, Latin America and Polar Travel Specialists, Chimu Adventures, are striving to ensure their operations in this pristine wilderness are as sustainable and comfortable as possible.


All aboard the Ocean Endeavour

In 2020, Chimu will be launching Antarctica cruises aboard their own vessel (in partnership with Intrepid), the Ocean Endeavour.

Defined as a ‘small ship,’ the Ocean Endeavour carries no more than 200 passengers at one time which minimises its environmental and cultural impact while creating a more intimate experience for guests.

Fellow passengers soon become friends when numbers are kept nice and small, yet there is still plenty of indoor and outdoor space to seek solitude and be at one with the scenery.

Daily activities include shore excursions where you will set foot on the mighty Peninsula; Zodiac cruises which will see you crackling through ice-strewn waters spotting penguins and seals; and onboard lectures from the expert expedition crew about the geology, biology and history of this wilderness.

There are also additional activities such as kayaking, snowshoeing, private photography workshops or camping on the ice. These immersive experiences will truly connect you to the ethereal elements Antarctica is known for.


Be climate positive

The Ocean Endeavour’s debut expedition will sail south from Ushuaia in early November 2020 and will establish an industry first by making all cruises climate positive.

Every departure will be double carbon offset and projects supported through this include Rainforest Rehab in Malaysian Borneo who replant trees and avoid deforestation of the natural jungle by the prevention of palm oil plantations; and Winds of Change in Turkey which runs 20 wind turbines generating 109.9GWh of annual electricity.

This project has the additional benefit of creating more than 60 jobs in the local community.


Return as a polar ambassador

Chimu Adventures are passionate about polar environments and they want their travellers to disembark their expeditions feeling the same.

Antarctica is where the full force of climate change is most apparent, and visitors return with an understanding of how the Southern Ocean generates all the world’s weather systems.

Onboard lectures from the inspiring expedition crew highlight this destination’s fragility and passengers leave with fresh ideas of what they can do to reduce their impact. It is said that Antarctica changes you – for the better.

It’s undoubtedly the case that you’ll return back from Antarctica with a fresh perspective on the world and its fragile state and how we can all play our part in preserving such incredible natural wonders.

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