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More and more travellers heading to the Middle East are seeking out and including spiritual and healing treatments as part of their travel experience, according to Sun Island Tours.

While religious pilgrimages have always been popular in this part of the world, Sun Island Tour’s GM John Polyviou said the shift from faith-based tourism to a spiritual-based one had been gradual with demand strengthening in recent years.

“Wellness and spiritual tourism may be popular in many parts of Asia, but it’s only recently picked up in the Middle East and among small groups as well,” he said.

“We’ve seen spiritual and transformative or mindful travel especially popular among repeat travellers looking for deeper enriching experiences where they can connect with both the place and themselves. For them, this actually becomes quite a personal journey of discovery.”

Sun Island Tour’s GM John Polyviou

He went on to note that there was no doubt many people are also looking to experience something new and different to what Asia already offered – yet was still traditionally practiced by the Middle Eastern locals.

Two popular spiritual and mindful experiences among Sun Island’s clients are Gong Therapy, which uses sound and music from the gong to restore one’s inner balance and reduce stress; and Sand Healing Treatments, which is an ancient Egyptian healing method involving being buried in the hot desert sand.

Other popular activities and experiences include morning yoga by the pyramids, gong yoga on the River Nile, and tarot card reading.

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