Indonesian officials have placed Mount Sinabung on “red-alert” after the active volcano on the Indonesian island of Sumatra spewed thick plumes of ash seven kilometres into the sky over the weekend.

Mount Sinabung erupted for nine minutes on Sunday causing panic among those on the island (although no casualties were reported).

It may not be the end of the volcanic activity either, with the officials who are monitoring the volcano warning of possible fresh eruptions.

Those in the area have been wanted not to carry out activities in the villages located within a 3km radius from the summit.

At this stage, flights are not affected by the volcanic activity with Sumatra’s principal Minangkabau International Airport remaining open and flights operating as usual to and from the holiday island of Bali.

The volcano has seen a spike in activity since its last major eruption in 2010.

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It follows the eruption of Mount Agung in Bali just two weeks ago which caused several flights to be cancelled.

The eruption, which lasted four minutes and 30 seconds, spread lava and rocks three kilometres from the crater.


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