On Your Bike: World Expeditions Launch New Domestic Cycling Adventures

Pedal and feel the wind through your hair, on the exciting new ‘Australian Cycle Tours’, brought to you by World Expeditions Travel Group.

Pedal and feel the wind through your hair, on the exciting new ‘Australian Cycle Tours’, brought to you by World Expeditions Travel Group.

World Expeditions has launched a brand specialising in a new range of local, self-guided cycling adventures designed to offer active travellers maximum flexibility, affordability, and convenience.

Australian Cycle Tours itineraries are diverse enough to be suitable for introductory cyclists – including families with young children – through to experienced cyclists looking for a challenge.

Is the great outdoors calling you?

The new experiences

Cycle Tours

While there are a couple of guided experiences on offer, the vast majority of the new range is self-guided, offering flexible itineraries that include accommodation, bike hire, luggage transfers, route notes & maps, expert advice, and GPS information. 

According to World Expeditions CEO, Sue Badyari, the new range has been developed in response to the demand for active adventures which are accessible intra-state by self driving to the destination or by short flights to intra-state destinations.

Ms Badyari says self-guided trips will become more popular during the pandemic as they allow travellers to practise social distancing and because there is a healthy respect for following tight COVID procedures in regional Australia.

Cycle Tours

“In regions such as Europe, self-guided travel is a well-established and highly desirable style of travel and we’ve worked hard to create some amazing and affordable local packages using the same model,” she said.

“Travellers are looking for uncrowded, outdoor experiences that give them the chance to reconnect with nature and the natural world, at least partly in response to isolation and having been contained for so long,”

Sue Badyari, World Expeditions CEO.

“The new itineraries are underpinned with all the support working in the background, so cyclists can relax into a really inspiring short adventure, let their hair down and have some fun time which we all need right now” she said.

“We’ve seen a surge in enquiry for custom itineraries, with families, couples and groups of friends choosing to travel together,” she said. “and the Australian Cycle Tours range has been developed to allow people to travel in groups of 2 or more, with a level of flexibility not possible on a group trip.” 

“Groups can travel at their own pace, choosing their own departure times and duration of stops, with all the logistics such as baggage transfers between each nights lodgings, accommodation, route planning and backup support, all taken care of,” Ms Badyari said.

All around Australia

Cycle Tours

Itineraries are in place now in NSW, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania, with others States to follow.

Check out some of the new itineraries below:

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