9 ways the iPhone X will change how you travel with tech

Flawless selfies, longer battery life and improved security features: Apple has unveiled the iPhone X and it's jam-packed with technology that will change the way you travel.

Flawless selfies, longer battery life and improved security features: Apple has unveiled the iPhone X and it’s jam-packed with technology that will change the way you travel.

The iPhone X is also officially the most expensive iPhone ever with a starting price in Australia of $1579 for the 64gb model or $1829 for the 256gb model to buy outright.


So is it worth upgrading to this shiny new bad boy if you’re a travel professional wanting to do more with your tech on your travels?

Check out our 9 positives below and decide for yourself.

9. Sharper Travel Pictures

Apple iPhone X

Love to impress your friends with a post-holiday slideshow or binge-watch Netflix on your travels? The new Retina Display is an OLED screen, offering brighter colours and better contrast.

The 2436-by-1125-pixel resolution will look incredibly sharp and life-like, perfect for viewing video and images on the go, no matter where you are in the world.


8. No More Unlock Struggles

Apple iPhone X

The fingerprint ID on older versions of the iPhone could be particularly tricky when on your travels: it’s nearly impossible to unlock your phone with any moisture, sand or sunscreen on your fingers.

The lack of a home button on the iPhone X means no more touch to unlock. Instead, Apple has a new biometric service called Face ID.

This is a powerful facial recognition system, unlocking your iPhone X automatically when you look at it.


7. It’s More Secure

Apple iPhone X

It’s not just convenient, it’s also secure.

Your face is mapped from over 30,000 points, including depth.

It can even adapt to the way your face changes over time.

It will only unlock when you look at it and can’t be fooled by masks or photos. Peace of mind when on the road.


6. Stow Away Your Heavy Camera

Apple iPhone X

Don’t worry about struggling to fit that bulky DSLR into your luggage.

The iPhone X has a completely redesigned rear camera, with dual 12-megapixel lenses.

Holiday photos will look better than ever thanks to a powerful image processor and an improved flash means no more washed out images.


5. Flawless Selfies

Apple iPhone X

Of course, with a front facing camera powerful enough for facial recognition, your selfie-shots are going to benefit, too.

Image stabilisation and precise exposure control will make for some impressive social media posts.


4. Wireless Charging

Apple iPhone X

The iPhone X offers a wireless charging experience using the Qi charging standard.

Simply lay the phone down on any Qi charging pad and the iPhone X battery will start powering back up.

We’ve seen a few hotels experimenting with Qi charging pads in rooms, so packing charging cables and plugs might soon be a thing of the past.


3. Made for the Beach

Apple iPhone X

The iPhone X is rated IP67 for dust and water.

In practical terms that means it can survive being in a metre of water for up to 30 minutes, so it can join you pool-side without you worrying about the occasional splash.


2. Longer Battery Life – Hurray!

Apple iPhone X

The iPhone X has a new processing chip called the A11 Bionic, which is not only blisteringly fast, it’s highly energy efficient.

This means you’ll get a longer battery life than the iPhone 7, so you won’t need to carry additional battery packs.


1. AR Guided Tours

Apple iPhone X

The cameras on the iPhone X work with inbuilt gyroscopes and accelerometers for a smooth and sharp augmented reality experience, making guided tours around any city, museum or landmark a reality as they become more and more common.

Source: Qantas Insider.

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