Amadeus has launched ‘Mobile Messenger’, an innovative tool that enables Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) employers and Travel Management Companies to better manage and comply with their Duty of Care obligations for travelling employees.

To help companies meet their legal and ethical obligations, Amadeus has launched ‘Mobile Messenger’, a complete Duty of Care solution enabling employers to locate, communicate with and assist travelling employees.

New Zealand company APX Travel Management was the first travel management company in Australasia to run Amadeus Mobile Messenger.

“Mobile Messenger is our most powerful tool yet to give organisations the means to ensure their employees are well informed of travel risks when travelling for work. Thanks to Mobile Messenger, we can keep people informed every step of the way, which we believe is what modern travellers want most – to know what’s happening and have timely information that’s personalised and relevant to them.”

APX Head of Product and Innovation Andrew Barnard


Amadeus Mobile Messenger’s key features:


Instant traveller location – Itineraries are represented on a dynamic map interface, pinpointing a traveller’s location. Pushpins define their exact location, using the GPS functionality in their smartphone or by geolocation of an airport, hotel or landmark. The colour-coded display indicates a traveller’s status with complete itinerary details.

Automated real-time data and filtering – Traveller data is automated and updated in real-time, ensuring information is up-to-date. Various filtering options are available, such as by airline or company, to define the itineraries of travellers that need to be contacted.

One and two-way communication – Communicate with travellers at any time using either a smartphone app, SMS or e-mail. One-way messaging can be used to send informational data, while the two-way messaging option provides feedback on a traveller’s status on the map interface, according to their reply.

Optimised workflows – Innovative technology optimises incident management workflow, saving valuable time and providing a more cost-efficient process. For example, where heightened attention is required for a group of travellers, a specific area can be manually defined using a ‘polygon query’, with auto-messaging to facilitate communication.

Tony Carter, Managing Director at Amadeus IT Pacific said, “Duty of Care is a critical issue for all companies involved in employee travel, and never has it been more important to have a travelling workforce who feel safe, informed and supported. Mobile Messenger not only enables companies to meet their legal and ethical responsibilities, but also ensures employees have an enhanced travelling experience”.

Amadeus Mobile Messenger is powered by Charter Solutions International with risk intelligence provided by Riskline™. The solution is now available.

To download Amadeus Discussion Paper, “Taking Care of Business: Building a confident, secure employee travel program”, please visit

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