Scrolling through dozens of results before finding a link that somewhat resembles what you’re looking for – it’s one of the pains of online search that Excite Holidays is hoping to ease for Travel Agents.


The online wholesaler has unveiled a brand new activity search to compliment its five-month old fast, sleek and simple search bar.

Designed with Travel Agent feedback in mind, the new search allows you to enter the preferred destination and filter it down by searching for the particular tour, using keywords to find an accurate result.

Warner Bros. Studio Tours bus

For example, search Los Angeles and type Warner Bros. Studios Hollywood to filter by activity name. Or if you already know the tour name, you can search for it directly.

According to Excite Holidays, the activity search is designed to help consultants secure “fast and efficient bookings.

“The new search ensures results are delivered faster, and specific activities and tours are easier to find and book.”

Excite Holidays

Filters have also been improved, results are now updated in real time and the pages look better than ever. Click here to check out the changes.

Have you tried out the activity search? What did you think?