Hotel minibars could be transforming from a few shot-sized bottles of spirits into a robot that makes you cocktails. He may not be much of a conversationalist but this little dude sure knows how to mix a drink.

Known as the Somabar, the robot bartender is already being tested for use in hotels as a replacement for the minibar.

The two-foot-tall device comes with six containers of different alcohols and mixes and one container of bitters.


An app on a digital tablet directs the appliance to use those ingredients to mix up to 20 different drinks.

Now that sounds convenient, right?

Hilton Hotels & Resorts actually featured Somabar in an ‘innovations incubator’ they launched last year next to Hilton’s headquarters in Virginia in a novel way to promote ideas which “redefine the future of hospitality”.

According to Los Angeles Times,  Hilton confirmed it was indeed a supporter of Somabar.

The Hilton spokesperson added that with more than 570 properties worldwide, Hilton has no plans in place just yet to replace all the minibars with robot bartenders.

“We work with many start-ups on innovations that we believe can enhance the guest experience,” the Hilton Spokesperson said.

“We will continue to stay in touch with Somabar as they prove and commercialise their product.”


Looks like the minibar isn’t going anywhere too fast, but still, watch this space.

Would you prefer a robot bartender over a minibar? Let us know below.