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APT and Travelmarvel are putting the world in the palm of their guest’s hands with the introduction of two new and totally free guest apps. 

The APT Concierge and Travelmarvel Companion apps combine essential travel features and functions in one easy to use application, which is free to download and available for both Apple and Android devices.

The apps are pre-loaded with each guest’s personalised travel information and tour itineraries and include travel tools such as a currency converter, weather forecast, world time’s clock and budget tracking.



Both apps contain detailed destination maps available for travellers to download and are designed for use without a Wi-Fi connection (Brilliant!), allowing for roaming self-guided tours of foreign towns and easy location of ports and hotels so you don’t get lost on your adventures.

Because there’s nothing worse than returning back from a trip and getting a huge mobile bill shock now is there?


The noticeboard function also helps guests interact with Tour Directors, by providing real-time updates during a tour, another useful tool and one that will no doubt enhance guests experiences no end.


“The apps are designed to allow guests more freedom and flexibility whilst on tour. With a wealth of local information on hand, the apps enhance guests experience with ease,”

Debra Fox, ATG CCO.

Guest are encouraged to download the APT Concierge or Travelmarvel Companion apps before they leave for their tour to access the pre-departure travel tips and to ensure they quickly learn how to use the app for use while they’re on their tour. 

The APT Concierge and Travelmarvel Companion apps are available to download for free on Apple and Android devices now.

To learn more, visit www.aptouring.com.au or contact your local Business Development Manager.

What do you think of the new APT and Travelmarvel apps?