Google already have their flight search platform, but now they’ve decided to get personal, introducing a new app that will help travellers plan their days on holiday with a simple touch of a button.

In another step towards world domination, Google have released a new app, Google Trips, which markets itself as a personalised tour guide in your pocket – and it’s pretty freaking cool!

Kind of a cross between Google Maps and TripAdvisor, with a few extra features thrown in for good measure, the app is able to build daily itineraries for users with the simple touch of a button.

And want to know the best bit?

The app can be accessed offline, solving the bane of the traveller’s existence – i.e. looking for available (and free) Wi-Fi. All users have to do is simply tap the “Download” button under each trip to save it to their phone for later (offline) use.

Free and available for both iOS and Android phones, suggested and customisable itineraries for over 200 cities around the world – including Barcelona, London and New York – are included in the app, taking away much of the headache involved in planning your day and getting around a new city.




The itineraries themselves are based on where and what travellers tend to visit/experience in the city, lending a pretty cool crowd sourcing element to the app.

Indeed, what’s great about the app is that users can “pin” any hidden gems they uncover for other users of Google Trips to enjoy, such as yummy restaurants to dine, or cool bars to check out.



Also, by using clever location technology, the app can suggest nearby sights and attractions that can then be added to the user’s itinerary on the fly, minimising the chances of them walking by and missing out on a real gem.



Another helpful component of Google Trips is its excellent organisational functionality. Users of the app can store all their travel reservations – such as your flights, hotels, train reservations – in the one place, thanks to its integration with Gmail (which, you’ve probably noticed, seems to know pretty much all your travel details anyway).

This means you won’t have to individually search for this or that reservation through your emails. And again, this information is available offline!

Have you tried Google Trips yet? Let us know what you thought of it in the comments below.