New platform promises to help Agents compete with OTAs

Others have promised it, some have tried to deliver it and now there's a new platform that's apparently just the tool Agents need to take on online competitors.

Others have promised it, some have tried to deliver it and now there’s a new platform that’s apparently just the tool Agents need to take on online competitors.

It’s called – Intrwiz.

It’s created by – planning and booking solutions business Snowstorm Technologies, with destination content supplier ArrivalGuides.

It works by – allowing Agents to “communicate and collaborate directly with clients in real-time, while monitoring and managing every opportunity on an intuitive never-been-done-before analytics dashboard”.

That means…


Agents access Intrwiz either via a GDS or log into Intrwiz manually.

They then create a collaborative environment with their clients and any of their travel buddies – great for groups that can’t come into the agency or the office together.

intrwiz 8

From there, consultants can create tabs on whether their trip will require accommodation, flights, ground transportation, day trips, tours, etc.

Clients and all those invited to join the environment, will be able to see all changes and contribute feedback in real-time.

Intrwiz 6

From there, details for each area of the trip is added.

Agents using the platform can override any of the Intrwiz OTA pricing and add their own custom content.

Once all the details of the trip are complete, they make the booking via their usual distribution channels and upload e-docs for each customer to see.

Intrwiz 5

Another interesting thing about the platform is that Agents can personalise the environment by adding their own logo, change the look and feel, upload custom content, add filters and more.

Riaz Pisani, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Snowstorm Technologies Inc., said the platform comes at a time where there’s a need to share during “the planning and purchasing process”.

“We decided to create a platform that gives Travel Agents and their customers the ability to interact and purchase together.”

Riaz Pisani, Snowstorm Technologies Inc. Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

“Intrwiz leverages the customer’s social network and encourages direct involvement from the Travel Agent to increase reach and maximize conversions while simultaneously providing full metrics and analytics on each lead.

“Once booked, the agent can easily manage the customer through the rest of their journey.”

What are your thoughts on the new product?