Leading social travel network app, Travello, has hooked up with Student Flights, the Youth Hostel Association (YHA) and Peter Pan’s in a bold move that will help travelers get the most out of their adventures.

These new partnerships are the next phase in Travello’s rapid expansion and will let travelers connect with brands in a completely new and innovative way through its new “Travello Groups” feature. Travellers will be able to meet like-minded people before they set off on their adventures, potentially making travel buddies for legs of their journey.

The partnerships will also help these youth orientated brands build an exclusive online community for their customer base and save them a ton of time, money and resources along the way. Instead of starting from scratch, they’ll be about to leverage on Travello’s extensive reach across over 180 countries worldwide.

“Our partners will benefit enormously from the combination of resources we can provide, connecting a Brand and their customers in  an online community.”

Ryan Hanly, Co-founder, Travello.


Source: sociable.co

“These companies will also have brand exposure to Travello’s wider customer base – who are all keen travellers. This is a distinct advantage over a traditional white-label process, where companies are really only marketing to customers they already have.”

According to a study by Visa, solo travel increased 15 percent between 2013 and 2015, while solo travel among first time globetrotters more than doubled from 16 to 37 percent in the same period. A report from Topdeck Travel also found that 30 percent of all travelers in 2015 went exploring on their own.

Travello is tapping into this global trend and helping those eager explorers to find people they can join, in their destination country, before they leave.

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