TripAdvisor is set to open a branded pilot store at Raleigh-Durham International Airport in North Carolina.

According to website: The News & Observer – The TripAdvisor retail store is part of an overhaul of retail shops in Terminal 2 at the airport and is forecast to open in 2018.

But what are they going to sell we hear you ask?

Here’s a few ideas we had.


1. The DIY Business Class Cabin



2. The ‘Pimp my ride’ airline seat covers

Maybe they could sell these 'pimp your seat' covers?


3. The ‘Upright Sleeper’ – always a hit

The 'Upright Sleeper' is the gadget everyone wants


4. And let’s not forget the ‘Premium travel bidet’

The 'Premium Travel Bidet'

But seriously…

According to initial reports, the store will sell travel gear including some TripAdvisor merchandise as well showcase interactive touch-screens and a digital wall to check out destinations, hotels and yes… Reviews!

The online TripAdvisor store currently sells T-Shirts, bag tags, caps, travel packs and wallet/passport holders.

Not a million miles away from the Lonely Planet retail outlets at many Australian airports. Except maybe the TripAdvisor store will just be the digital version.

The Lonely Planet, Sydney Store

The Lonely Planet, Sydney Store

At this stage, no other retail sites are planned for TripAdvisor.

Ironically, TripAdvisor has hosted consumer reviews of retail businesses in airports since 2015 and presumably will host reviews of its own store on

It’ll be interesting to see how it ranks.

What do you think? Sound like a good or crazy idea? Share your thoughts below.