If Google Translate (or a translation app in general) is your go-to for communicating with locals in a non-English speaking country, then you may want to pick up a language book and do a little studying.

Because in case you didn’t notice while trying to translate the lyrics to Despacito a few months ago, Google Translate’s translations don’t always make sense.

To be fair, the online giant does do a great job at interpreting languages most of the time, it just doesn’t do such a great job at translating natural language, which can lead to awkward situations.

Like for example, when Google didn’t quite catch the memo about juice cleanses being the new dieting trend…


Or there’s this traveller who tried to translate text about a goat, but still had no idea what was wrong with the goat…

Picture 2

If that wasn’t an ultimate fail, how about when Google wasn’t in the mood for Greek ‘games’…


And when this Twitter user tried to translate Somali words into English and was asked if he/she was trying to translate a ‘DNA sequence’…


And then there was that time a traveller suffered from Jay Z’s ’99 Problems’ and Google Translate was definitely one…


Shout out to Babbel for sharing these epic translations with us.

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What’s the funniest translation you’ve received from Google Translate.