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World’s wealthiest brands have changed travel as we know it

With billions earned in revenue, Apple and Google have not only made a mark on the markets but on the way we consider travel.

With billions earned in revenue, Apple and Google have not only made a mark on the markets but on the way we consider travel.

The US Apple and Google brands, which have become household names around the globe, are worth more than US$100 billion each, and top a ranking of the world’s biggest brands, consultancy Interbrand said.

In first place, computer brand Apple has risen 21 per cent in value this year to worth an estimated (US) $118.9 billion. In second place, the brand value of internet search engine Google has increased by 15 per cent to (US) $107.43 billion. The marketing firm said in a statement it marks the first time since brand ranking began in 1974 that two brands have been worth that much.


Apple, a household name.

“The fact that Apple and Google have exceeded $100 billion is proof of the power of brands,” said Bertrand Chovet, associate director of Interbrand Paris.

While this is astonishing news for the two tech giants, their presence on the travel landscape has increased exceedingly over the past few years.

Apple has not only produced products that have changed the way people around the world communicate, obtain information or entertain themselves but have shaped the way we consider travelling to remote destinations.

According to travel writer, Chérie King, whose mission is to make travel accessible to the world’s hearing impaired, navigating the world’s unfamiliar languages, alphabets and customs has become all that easier due to Apple’s array of smart phones and the iPad. King, who is deaf herself, would also miss flights due to not hearing announcements at the airport. Now, by using Apple apps, she is alerted on time and was able to travel to 31 different countries without a glitch.

“The iPad is one of my essential travel tools,” she said.


With the configuration of smart phones and social media platforms, sharing holiday snaps is no longer an event shared with friends over a bottle of wine but an experience that is indulged by and shared with the rest of the world.

Google has also made a solid mark on the travel industry.  Google’s acquisition of IPA in 2010 altered the operational end of travel for all time.
ITA’s first product was an airfare search and pricing system called QPX. This system is now used by travel companies such as Orbitz, Bing Travel, Kayak.com, CheapTickets, and airlines such as American, United Airlines, US Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Alitalia, and ANA.

Google Translate and Maps have also become a staple for many world travellers.

Thanks to the two innovators, turning off your phone or wifi during travel is no longer an option.

What has been your favourite travel innovation from the two tech giants?