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PRIVATE POMPEII: Where the streets actually come to life on this tour

Ideally you want to spend weeks in Italy, but if you are like me and only have a few days, why not journey to the most spectacular coast in the world.

Ideally you want to spend weeks in Italy, but if you are like me and only have a few days, why not journey to the most spectacular coast in the world.

This full day semi-private tour covers the major sites including a private walking tour of Pompeii with a local guide, free time in Positano and a light lunch at a family run olive oil-mill where Limoncello is the water equivalent.

Hint: Take a bottle of water with you as you will need it with all this walking and Limoncello’n going on.




This 8 pax van picks you up from your hotel in Rome at 715am and the driver explains the day’s itinerary. The first main stop is Positano but thankfully midway you get to take a coffee break at a local pit stop cafe for a quick toilet run. Be prepared as the drive takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes so stock up on water.

The winding roads leading to Positano is not for the faint hearted. Thankfully we got to stop on several occasions for pictures and to touch the terrain giving thanks we are still alive considering the road is two ways but really there is only space for one vehicle.

The place where it’s impossible to take a bad picture even on a cloudy day, was just over the rise and you guessed it, the sun was shining bright on Positano today. Lucky I was wearing my sneakers as the walk was endless and the hills are exhausting but worth every step just to see the varying views. Plenty of local shops where you can buy small trinkets or Italian tiles. I do recommend taking a stroll off the beaten track as there are shoe stores that are heavily discounted and you can pick up a bargain or 5 but with just an hour and a bit of free time, you can really see alot.


Lunch was a little light to say the least but it was the breathtaking views and the Limoncello that filled that void. This hill top family farm had views of Naples, Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius. Ok homemade pasta and salad was for lunch and provided by the family.

I swear the tomatoes taste different. They actually burst in your mouth with flavour. Definitely try the local wine at EUR4 per glass. Worth every sip.




Two-hour guided tour of the UNESCO World Heritage Site – Pompeii which was devastated by Mt Vesuvius erupting in 79AD. The remains are remarkable from carvings to actual bodies and even a dog frozen in time. It’s easy to feel what it would have been like in that timeline but the life that has been sucked out of the bodies is disturbing yet fascinating.

The guide named Gaetano was superb. In true Italian style, the detail of the tour was like no other I have experienced before. He showed us everything including how Pompeii invented streets for going one way or two ways with horse and carriage. How on the street you can find signs directing you to the brothel district or if you were of certain nationality you could find your local people. Gaetano made Pompeii come to life and took you on his journey of the streets.


From marble dust on the walls that created a sparkle to pieces of marble on the street floor to reflect the moon light at night to the lead pipes for water and how they would clean the streets all show clearly what life was like in Pompeii. So much animation, passion and facts with plenty of humour really highlighted this tour from all others on that day.




The group size was 8 and it was the perfect amount of people as it was easy to meander through crowds plus you don’t feel like you are cattle on a 40 seater bus ushered from one place to the next. The tour was planned well to give everyone time to enjoy the sites, take pictures, ask questions and relax. With a few finding the time to shop for tiles. Seriously they were cheap as lemons.




Duration: 12 hours
Pick up: Direct from Hotel White in Rome (Check to see if your hotel is on their pick up list)
Price: Starts from $379 per person during the month of September & October.
Note: Tours do sell out as spaces are limited so once you have your flights and accommodation confirmed, secure your tours immediately as you are competing with the rest of the world.

Recommended by several Travel Advisors. Thanks for the tips everyone.


Can you believe they are still excavating and finding historic artefacts?