“There’s nothing quite like the Flight Centre Global Gathering” – it’s a common sentiment amongst Flighties…


… and one that’s hard to debate when a gorgeous male celebrity strips on stage, a well-known comedic duo host the event AND you can get totally hammered amongst colleagues (and your boss) without worrying about the consequences.

Those darn lucky (and hard working) global achievers have started making their way home (we imagine accompanied with mind-splitting hangovers) after what has been dubbed another epic Global Gathering.

Held at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands, the ‘Fast & Furious’ themed weekend brought together some 3,000 employees and industry friends to hear from guest speakers, find out who the best of the best in the company are and of course, they danced (and drank) most of the evenings away.

As per usual, the company scores some big names, including top acts Basement Jaxx and Peking Duck on Friday night with R&B sensation – Jason Derulo AND Fatboy Slim (so, our guesses were so wrong) with MC’s Hamish & Andy keeping the momentum on Saturday night at the awards ball.

The annual event was once again well documented on social media (we love you for that guys!), with Agents posting hundreds of pictures online.

As per usual, there were some sensible shots, a few hilarious ones and some… well let’s just say they were very revealing. These were a few we found that prove ‘there’s nothing quite like the Flight Centre Global Gathering’.


1. Some Agents only allow for one ‘sober shot’ during the whole weekend. For many that shot is taken before boarding, like this one shared by Dale


2. The evenings involve THOUSANDS of Agents (and colleagues) letting loose (we know this isn’t a picture, but this Tweet is too good not to share)


In some cases, quite literally (love you gals)

Last night in 1 photo…. ☝????️???? #epic #WOW #allthewows #party #sodrunk #OHsosodrunk

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3. And Agents can be totally over the top cliche (in a completely amazing way) when showcasing their sides of the world


4. If attendees are lucky they can get themselves a ‘Skroofie’, like this guy did


And these guys,


5. OR they can score a selfie with radio stars and event hosts Hamish & Andy, like this

Selfie with Hamish! #flightcentre #global2016 #singapore #marinabaysands #hamishblake #awesomemc #sofunny

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And this



Aaand this

When #hamishandandy are the guest hosts of #flightcentre #globalball2016 Love these guys!!!

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Aaaaand this


6. It’s one of the few events in the world where the Mad Hatter will not only make an appearance, but win an award with his team



7. And one of the few times they can party with Fatboy Slim for free





We’d have to agree with you Miss Jackson


8. Or go completely hard to Peking Duck with an entire crowd of friends (this video is insane!!!)


9. OR get front row seats to a Jason Derulo stripping show, erm, sorry I mean performance


Can practically taste the sweat


10. But nothing is quite as spectacular as finding out you could be going to Hawaii next year!

A Flight Centre spokesperson told KarryOn that the company looks at various elements when choosing the next destination and Hawaii was a match in location and in having the capabilities to host a group of around 3,000.


Nikki East, you may be onto something.

Seen some better pictures from this year’s Global Gathering? Share them with us below.